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The Computer Controlled Gardener

Marius Circus

Ever since I started my label 'In The Garden' back in 2017, I've been wanting to do an album. I started on a couple of drafts over the years, but they were always scrapped or I ended up just releasing a few of the tracks on various EPs. I wanted an album to feel like a proper album when I finally did one. It was only last summer that I finally felt that I was at a stage that it made proper sense to do one.

So I'm really happy to present you with my debut album, "The Computer Controlled Gardener". The first track drops today (March 20th 2020). I'll update the album with one more track every Friday over the next 6 weeks.

This album was recorded in my studio in Vollen on the outskirts of Oslo during the late summer, early autumn of 2020. The warm weather seems to have made an impact on the vibe of it. I wanted it to be an album that fitted your backyard BBQs and parties by the beach in the late afternoon.

I'd like to give special thanks to my good friend Matt Karmil for the fantastic mix and mastering job. You really made this one shine mate. Thanks also to Pete Fowler for the brilliant artwork. I love how I can just toss a very loose idea your way and you instantly know what I have in mind.
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The Circus Club

Hi there,

I've been making music for a good few years. It was however only about 4 years ago that I finally got my act together, looked long and hard at my process and started finishing music way quicker than I ever had before. The years of being veeery unproductive was starting to grind me down.

After the music came to me a lot easier, I decided to set up 'In The Garden', which is my own label. So far it's solely been an outlet for my own music. I saw it as the only viable way forward, as I (frankly) was getting tired of waiting for other people's agendas.

After a number of EPs, I released my debut album earlier this year. It's been getting really good feedback, which makes me a happy man. Bandcamp featured it on their "Best Electronic Music on Bandcamp" list for March 2020. I'm currently working on the follow up, which will be out later this year. 2 albums in one year - yay!

In addition to making Bandcamp my main platform, I've also decided to set up a subscription thing over there. it's (slightly tongue-in-cheek) called 'The Circus Club". So if you want to get ALL my music as soon as it releases (+my whole back catalogue), a monthly fee about the size of an expensive coffee will get you there. If this sounds interesting to you, you can hit the button below to find out more.

I would love to have you aboard!

Need to get in touch with me about something? Send me an email at