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Love & Dancing

Marius Circus

"Love & Dancing" is my sophomore studio album, and also my second album of 2020. I set out this year with the fairly ambitious goal of releasing three full albums. "Love & Dancing" is the second one in the trilogy. The final installment will be released before Christmas.

While "The Computer Controlled Gardener" (Album I) was an album very much in the scandolearic / space disco / whatever-you-wanna-call-this-genre tradition, it's fair to say that "Love & Happiness" is a lot moodier, for lack of a better word. I went into the recording of this after a period of listening pretty extensively to both Martin Jenkins' absolutely brilliant Pye Corner Audio project and also Andreas Tilliander's two TM404 albums. It wasn't really a conscious thing, but it struck me as I put the finishing touches to this album that this probably affected the sound of these tunes quite a bit. I'll leave it to you as the listener to judge whether these inspirations actually shine through for you as well, as I realize it might just be in my head. ;-) 

Thanks again to Matt and his mixing skills for making my productions shine in a way I'd never be able to myself and to Pete for the lovely artwork.
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The Circus Club

Hi there,

I've been making music for a good few years. It was however only about 4 years ago that I finally got my act together, looked long and hard at my process and started finishing music way quicker than I ever had before. The years of being veeery unproductive was starting to grind me down.

After the music came to me a lot easier, I decided to set up 'In The Garden', which is my own label. So far it's solely been an outlet for my own music. I saw it as the only viable way forward, as I (frankly) was getting tired of waiting for other people's agendas.

After a number of EPs, I released my debut album earlier this year. It's been getting really good feedback, which makes me a happy man. Bandcamp featured it on their "Best Electronic Music on Bandcamp" list for March 2020. I'm currently working on the follow up, which will be out later this year. 2 albums in one year - yay!

In addition to making Bandcamp my main platform, I've also decided to set up a subscription thing over there. it's (slightly tongue-in-cheek) called 'The Circus Club". So if you want to get ALL my music as soon as it releases (+my whole back catalogue), a monthly fee about the size of an expensive coffee will get you there. If this sounds interesting to you, you can hit the button below to find out more.

I would love to have you aboard!

Need to get in touch with me about something? Send me an email at